Most of his lectures, videos and quotes are linked with eternal truth which is Islam. During his Hifz and Tafsir period, he was enlightened with the deep secrets of the reality of our existence and in his darkest period, he experienced those secrets when the Almighty tests came on him and Alhumdulila he passed it with only his blessings.

Darker the darkness, the brighter the brightness will be, just never lose hope in the mercy of the Almighty.

Life knocks down everyone. That's how it works. It's on you! that you'll stay on the ground after the hit or get up and roar like a lion on your next try.

The best answer to every question is silence and one little smile

First, they laugh at you, then they'll criticize you, then they'll conspiracies about you & in the end they'll tell others how they know you.

Rebooting life settings to default mode sometimes takes back to your previous right and accurate decisions. Try it worth it.

Opportunity does not arrive on the doorstep hustle makes a path for the opportunity to ring your bell.

The only difference between a successful person and a common person is that a successful one did it and the common one didn't.

Never live your life like how people want you to live. Live your life the way you want to live. Even if it's crazy, cool, or hyped!

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