Most of his lectures, videos and quotes are linked with eternal truth which is Islam. During his Hifz and Tafsir period, he was enlightened with the deep secrets of the reality of our existence and in his darkest period, he experienced those secrets when the Almighty tests came on him and Alhumdulila he passed it with only his blessings.

People will always talk behind your back, make sure to give them an interesting topic.

Listen to everyone, gain experience, analyze every matter, and act accordingly.

knowing one side and judging the whole perspective of it is known as a lack of observation skills. Who knows? Someone might be showing you only the least amount of his side, which you can bear.

Don't find a reason to smile, be someone's reason to smile.

A matter which really matters, matters a lot, same true love is a love which a loveable gets most.

Sometimes taking risks for new experiences, shows you a new and better way of living!

Dream big, work like a slave, lose infinity times, then get everything you want.

Almighty Allah made every single person in this world beautiful, charming, attractive. It depends upon the person that he wants to look like it or not.

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