Most of his lectures, videos and quotes are linked with eternal truth which is Islam. During his Hifz and Tafsir period, he was enlightened with the deep secrets of the reality of our existence and in his darkest period, he experienced those secrets when the Almighty tests came on him and Alhumdulila he passed it with only his blessings.

Darker the darkness, the brighter the brightness will be, just never lose hope in the mercy of the Almighty.

Life sucks if you suck with your habits vise versa life shines if you become serious with yourself.

Dream, plan, hustle, repeat and be consistent and get what you desire.

InshAllah for the Future

Alhamdulillah for the Present

MashAllah for the Past

Karma is a bitch. The best advice which you can give to anyone and yeah I believe in karma.

Every individual has their own perspective of life but the real perspective is the only one that has been given to us by our last prophet.

The front cover of a book does not decide the rating of a book. So no need to live fake life like billions of clones.

Self-loving separates laziness from a person in such manner that people start thinking that he/she is a motionless cyborg

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