Most of his lectures, videos and quotes are linked with eternal truth which is Islam. During his Hifz and Tafsir period, he was enlightened with the deep secrets of the reality of our existence and in his darkest period, he experienced those secrets when the Almighty tests came on him and Alhumdulila he passed it with only his blessings.

Don't be a perfectionist It wastes so much time. 70% of Consistent daily work done is better than 100% 6-7 times a month.

Keep an eye on your thoughts because it becomes your words.

Keep an eye on your words because it becomes your deeds.

Keep an eye on your deeds because it becomes your habits.

Keep an eye on your habits because it becomes your character.

Keep an eye on your character because it becomes your fate.

Aim big, hustle consistently with discipline and smart work & win the Era.

Now or never, don't wait for the moment to take action, take action and make that moment which you desire.

I know it sounds stupid and impossible, but I designed my dictionary according to my rules, not according to others.

Sometimes telling the next move, cause trouble. Being silent is also a quite impressive answer for some moments.

Think, plan, action, repeat, till you get what you desire most in this world.

There is no shortcut to the Infinite level of class & success, you have to rip your Ass to taste it.

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